Exam Week

I got back from Dubai on Sunday and had exams on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, as well as a couple of papers to finish up. Since I wasn’t able to study much over the weekend when I was in Dubai, I didn’t prepare for my exams as much as I usually would. However, I did the best I could given the circumstances.

Since this was my second time taking exams at Aston, I knew more of what to expect. Since the exams are mostly essay based, I have gotten a lot better at organizing my thoughts before I start writing. This has helped me to argue all the points I need to without leaving out important information and running out of time, as the exams are all timed. Most of the exams are case study based, which I enjoy. I think that case studies better prepare me for the real world because I have to dissect all the information I have been given and decide which information is relevant. In addition, I am able to see how what we are learning directly impacts real companies and their situations.

The exams from this term not only tested us on the material we learned this term, but they also built on the material we learned in the first term. Though this meant more studying and work for us students, it is helpful in learning the material.

Much of the material I was tested on during my undergraduate degree has been forgotten. This is due to the fact that most of my exams during my undergraduate studies were solely theory based, which sometimes made it difficult to understand how it related to the real world. In addition, with many theory-based exams, students just cram everything into their head right before the exam and then forget it all once the exam is over. Since most of the Aston modules build on each other and use practical examples, it makes it easier to retain the material I have learned.

By the end of Friday, I had finished my last exam and turned in all the papers I had finished up. I think I did fairly well, though I can never be sure until I get my exam results once the third term starts. I am glad that exams are over and now don’t have to worry about any pressing deadlines during the Easter holiday. I don’t plan on doing another degree after my MSc at Aston, so this will most likely be the last university exams I will ever take!  The focus for university work will now be on my dissertation, which will be due in September.  During the Easter holiday in between terms, I will be doing some traveling with my wife and in-laws, so I’m sure I will post about my travels next month!