Life in Birmingham City Centre

As you probably know, Aston University is located on some prime real estate.  Literally a few minutes walk to the city centre, you can get pretty much anywhere you need to on foot.  Coming from the suburbs, I have never lived in a big city, not to mention a European city with old architecture.  I had always wanted to live in a big city and Birmingham is fulfilling that void in my life.  Though Birmingham is a big city in terms of population, it still has a community type feeling.  I live about 25 minutes from campus and I pretty much walk across the whole city centre.  On my walk, I pass banks, restaurants, pubs, canals, the Mail Box (mall), a hospital, grocery store, the court house, Victoria Square, multiple hotels, and a cinema if I go a few blocks out of my way.

The following are some interesting facts about the city of Birmingham:

  1. Birmingham is the home of Cadbury Chocolate
  2. Victoria Square has one of the largest fountains in Europe
  3. Almost half of Birmingham’s residents are under 30
  4. Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice
  5. Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter produces around 40% of the UK’s jewellery
  6. About 1/3rd of Birmingham’s residents are ethnic minorities
Picture taken by @trangtq241 via Instagram of Aston Uni and the city centre. It was posted today on Aston’s Facebook page.

Below are the links to where I got the facts shown above.  My professors would tell me to use the Harvard referencing system, but I’m not getting any marks for this, so I can’t be bothered. 🙂