Term 2

We are now three weeks into term two and I am starting to get bogged down in my assignments and extracurricular activities.  It seems like the term just started, but there are multiple assignments due in the next couple weeks.  The cold, rainy, and snowy weather helps convince me to stay inside and get working on my assignments.  I have to get used to doing all my readings again after the month long break from the Christmas Holiday.

This term I am taking four main modules, which include Topics in Advanced Strategy, International Business Strategy, Management Consulting, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies.  I think I will really enjoy my modules this term, maybe even more than the first term.  Work on my dissertation is also starting to pick up.  I am starting to do more research for it and really honing in on my topic.

In addition to my studies, I am also working on the Hult Prize, which was mentioned in an earlier post.  My team and I will be going to Dubai in March.  We just got our flight and hotel confirmation from Aston, so I am getting excited for our trip.  It should be a great experience being able to pitch to leaders in the social innovation space and network with like-mined individuals.

If anyone out there is thinking about business school, I’m sure you have started your application process.  Feel free to contact me through this blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin if you have any questions about Aston or the process in general.  I am pretty easy to find on these social networks, as there aren’t many others with my last name!