The End of Term 1

Last week was the last week of term 1.  During the last week, I had three timed exams and two essays to complete.  Though it may sound like a lot, I felt like I was able to distribute my time well between all the studying I had to do.  I was a little nervous because this is the first time I have had an exam in a class count for 100% of my final grade, which was the case for two of my modules.  Since the exams were based on case studies, most of the questions required us to  give details based on our analysis.  Hand writing everything in the space of three hours took some concentration to make sure I covered everything I needed to.  Three hours may seem like a long time, but the time flew by in the exams.  The key for me was to relax, read the questions a few times, and then create an outline of how I would answer the question.  This helped me to not leave any important details out of my answer.  We don’t find out our results until the first week of February, which means we all have to be very patient.

I am looking forward to a little bit of a break now during the Christmas holidays.  I will spend this time working on the Hult Prize, which was mentioned in my last post.  I also plan on doing a little more research for my dissertation as well as some of my own projects and interests.  Its a little weird for me now that I have a ton of free time.

My wife and I plan on staying in Birmingham for Christmas and then traveling to Paris and Barcelona for New Years.  We are looking forward to traveling and having our first Christmas with just the two of us together.  It will be different, but I think it will be fun.  Maybe we will start some of our own Christmas traditions.